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What is Iressa used for? non-small cell lung cancer
Does cancer pain move around? As tumors grow, they may put stress on bones, nerves, and organs around them. Cancer -related tests, treatments, and surgery can cause aches and discomfort. You may also feel pain that has nothing to do with cancer, like normal headaches and tight muscles.
Can you kiss someone while on chemo? Kissing. However, during chemotherapy and for a short time afterward, avoid open-mouth kissing where saliva is exchanged because your saliva may contain chemotherapy drugs. Ask your doctor or nurse how long you need to avoid open-mouth kissing, because it depends on what type of chemotherapy you receive.
Why would you need chemo after a mastectomy? For those with early breast cancer, chemotherapy is usually given after breast surgery (called adjuvant chemotherapy), but before radiation therapy. Adjuvant chemotherapy helps lower the risk of breast cancer recurrence by getting rid of cancer cells that might still be in the body.
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