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How are the stages of COPD measured? Stages of COPD. COPD is a common lung condition characterized by the persistent, abnormal decrease of airflow leaving the lungs. A breathing test known as spirometry is required to confirm a diagnosis of COPD. During a spirometry test, airflow limitation is measured and then classified according to its severity.
Can you use nebulizer and inhaler together? If you are suffering an asthma attack, you may find it desirable to use your quick-act- ing bronchodilator via the nebulizer system at home (albuterol, levalbuterol, or metaproterenol [Alupent">). As with the metered-dose inhaler, you can repeat the dose after 20 minutes.
What are 3 physical assessment findings signs that are associated with COPD? Signs of increased work of breathing include the use of accessory respiratory muscles, paradoxical abdominal movement, increased expiratory time, and pursed lip breathing; auscultatory wheezing is variable. Physical findings that are occasionally associated with COPD include cyanosis and cachexia.
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