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After having surgery to remove my gastrointestinal stromal tumor one year ago, and having a CT scan every 3 months, I am NED (no evidence of disease), due to taking Gleevec. I only have one noticeable side of effect, occasional nausea.

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I am so thankful for Gleevec! I did have some side-effects but prior to Gleevec, taking interferon and hydroxyurea led to much more severe side effects. I had aching limbs, and I now have a skin reddening/rash--like rosacea on my cheeks and my upper arms are reddish--like a mild sunburn. I have tummy issues now--gurgling, diarrhea, cramping, etc., but they are easily managed with imodium. Gleevec has extended my survival and I had the honor of meeting Dr Druker who developed the drug, at Oregon Health and Science University. He was absolutely wonderful as was the care I received there.

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